Crane National 167 - Vending Yard

Crane National 167



Weight:670.00 LBS
Width:40.00 (in)
Height:72.00 (in)
Depth:35.50 (in)
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These refurbished refreshment vending machines from Crane National 167 are a wise investment. National’s full-size automatic snack dispensers are renowned for their resilience and consistency. It is difficult to locate a snack machine that is superior to this one.

  • Millenia Style is illustrated in the initial image.
  • Place candies and munchies on the same shelf. Motors couple effortlessly, and dividers detach for confectionery or snacks.
  • The trays’ 45-degree forward tilt facilitates access to even the upper tiers.
    In areas with a mild ambient temperature, product quality and merchandise options can be expanded with the addition of the optional Chiller. Chocolate, coated confectionary, and additional sweets should be sold. A 1/3 hp electrically controlled refrigeration system maintains temperatures in the cabinet as low as 20° below ambient. Components of refrigeration are readily serviceable from the front.
  • Simply dial in the appropriate price. No more price tabs that are misplaced, slide out, or are difficult to locate.
  • Cabinet “knock-outs” permit entry via apertures measuring 30 inches. A durable single-piece cabinet surround construction design is utilized.
  • The alpha-numeric keypad facilitates the product selection process for customers. Bold lettering and large keys make it easier to use than competing systems.
  • The capacity is standard.
  • Candy: 336 portions
  • 189 snack products
  • 53 pastry products
  • Regarding capacities:
  • Candy maximum: 1800 items (six racks)
  • 450 pastry and snack items (six racks).
  • Gum and Mint: 120 items, with an optional five selections.
  • Variable Pricing:
  • Recall of Information (via selection, tray, priceline, or machine)
  • Individual Diagnostics
  • Date and time functionality
  • Winner Mode (1:9,999 to 1:10,10)
  • Mode of Discount The
  • Mode Inhibition
  • Display of programmable scrolling messages
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