Dixie Narco 5591 Bev Max - Vending Yard

Dixie Narco 5591 Bev Max


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Dixie Narco 5591 Bev Max

From time to time, the Dixie Narco 5591 vending machine may exhibit a variety of 45 distinct products. Sleek glass fronts increase the aesthetic appeal of the products by permitting the client to see every item. By allowing service to be performed on all components from the front of the machine, this vendor reduces disruption. Extra label markers are not required for these machines, and their average vending volume is 20% greater than that of conventional vending machines.
Additional Machine Features:

  • Glass front bottle drop
  • Works with a variety of container sizes, up to 20oz
  • 45 Selections of Cans or Bottles
  • Great machine for high visibility products
  • Capacity of 360-432 Items
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